Games are one of the best medium to entertain and get refreshment as well as bring joyment in one’s own life.  It’s the integral part of our owns life and keeps us engage, sharp as well as healthy. With changing times our life has changed quite completely.  We engage more with the digital world and less with the physical world. The gaming too is changing with changing times.  As more the society gets digital the more our needs and resources are getting digital. Even the gaming is going digital and there are various gaming platform where user can spend lots of time in playing.

For gaming or any purposes we mostly use our windows tab. Since most of the user use platform are more based on previous versions of windows. Various gaming applications developed for Windows XP will work not properly on the modern versions of windows which is greater than windows 7. During the Windows XP era, one can use Windows typically used their PC with an Administrator account all the time. Applications were coded to just assume they had administrative access and would fail if they didn’t. The new User Account Control (UAC) feature mostly fixed the Windows includes compatibility settings that can make old applications functional.  In Windows 10’s Start menu, right-click a shortcut, select “Open file location” from the context menus issue, but there were some teething problems at first.   In order to know How to Make Old Programs Work on Windows 10, one need to take the help of technical support or follow these  simple procedures :

  • Right click on the program icons and choose properties.
  • Then when the properties dialog box appears, then click on the compatibility tab.
  • In the compatibility mode section, select the Run This program in compatibility mode for check box.
  • Select the program’s desired windows version from the drop down list.
  • Click ok and then try running your program again to see whether it work together.

If you have a game designed for Windows XP or Windows 7 that refuses to run on Windows 10, In order to know  how to run old games on windows 10  you should try running the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter utility to let the operating system automatically find the best possible compatibility mode or following these simple procedures to fix the issue :

  • On the Start menu, do a search for Run programs made for previous versions of the operating system, and press Enter.
  • Click the Advanced link on the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.
  • Click Run as administrator.
  • Click on next.
  • Then troubleshooter will scan the PC for possible solution. If your desktop application isn’t listed, select the Not listed option and then click on Next button.
  • Click Next.
  • Click on the browse button and locate the application in C:/programs files .
  • Make sure to select the file that runs the application and clicks open.
  • Then click on Next.
  • Click on the try recommended setting option to apply the new compatibility settings.
  • Click Next .
  • The troubleshooter will scan the PC for possible solution. If the application is not installed then select the Not listed option and click Next.
  • Click test the program to see if it works properly or not.
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