If your windows device before starting shows an error message at you before it begins it is possible that the boot sector of you device has been damaged or corrupted for such an issue you can go through the steps given below to troubleshoot those problems.

The Boot sector is a small part in the beginning of a hard drive.The boot sector contains some code of data to startup the windows process.
When a device is at it initial phase it is handled by the BIOS. The BIOS loads master boot code into the ram of your device. The partition table is then scanned by the master code, determines the active portion .The PC Ram then loads a copy of the boot sector. It is the bootstrapping process which allows the window code at its initial phase to start loading
The boot sector can face the same problem as any part of hard drive-missing files, corrupted files. There are times when the boot loader process fails, it will happen when BIOS information but before windows actually begins to load
The Windows boot error messages are as follows:

  • Error loading operating system
  • Missing operating system
  • Reboot and select proper boot device
  • Invalid partition table
  • Bootmgr is missing
  • No bootable medium found! system, halted

If you saw any of these messages it implies that the windows won’t start and will have to use the windows recovery environment to do your troubleshooting
Note: If your device starts loading window and then on it way it fails that means that the bootloader isn’t the issue anymore instead you will have to restart your device on a safe mode to proceed with the procedure.

Here is the solutions regarding startup problems :

Repair the Master Boot Record Sector from the Command Prompt

In this you have to make sure that the problem is with your Master Boot Record or boot sector and then proceed to Advance Option then click on “Command Prompt“. Once you’re at the Command Prompt, you’ll be able for using the bootrec command, and there are a couple of options that can be useful in fixing bootloader errors efficiently.

To restore the Master Boot Record in previous form, type the following command and hit Enter.

  • bootrec /fixmbr

To write a whole new boot sector to the system partition instead, type the following command and hit Enter.

  • bootrec /fixboot

This command is useful when you suspect your boot sector may have been overwritten by another operating system installation or malware, or if you suspect the boot sector itself is damaged/corrupt. The bootrec tool also offers other more advanced options. You can always type bootrec /? to see more options for and get help with the command.

Some Steps have to be performed after Recovery.

  • Firstly, run the Check Disk utility option to scan the integrity of your file system and hard disk. It’s always possible that your bootloader error stemmed from physical problems with your hard disk.
  • Secondly, use the System File Checker utility feature to scan for and fix any corrupted system files.

Attempt the Startup Repair Automatically

  • By inserting a installation media in your windows based PC/Laptop just got to in Advance option And then opt the Startup Repair block and click on them.
  • After that select the operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows 8 etc.
  • The diagnosis process is start and your PC going to restore the boot sector files.
  • If the Startup Repair is failed then choose the above method i.e Command Prompt.

In case the steps are not helpful or the user is not able to do that properly, then contact the support team for help. Support experts will provide remote steps to recover your PC efficiently.

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