Windows defender acts as the first line of defense against any malware, spyware that may have affected your device.Due to various factors there are times when windows start and when windows start via action center it would display an error code. Factors contributing to these issues may include malware ,infection, software conflicts etc due to these factors sometimes windows defender update fails.

You might have noticed a message that system says windows defender has been turned off and that it isn’t monitoring the computer , due to some corrupt registry , malware attack, software conflicts (two antivirus programs are clash each other).

To Fix Windows Defender Will Not Shutted Off Again.

Here are some solutions for when a problem may occur :

1. Restart The device

Many a times it happens that switching off and switching it again off turns out to be a simplest solution to rectify all the problems.

2. Remove existing antivirus prevailing in your device

If your device still has another antivirus installed or if one was installed previously then you should use appropriate removal tool to remove all the pre installed programs or antivirus in your device so that the problem does not occurs

3. Check SFC

System File Checker (SFC) device repairs debasement in framework documents. Utilize this device to have a check on the windows defender whether it is working or not. This checker could be the best possible way to know.

4. Clean Boot

Start your device  in clean boot status to make sure that any other application is not disturbing the windows defender.  The most effective method to play out a perfect boot to investigate an issue in Windows.

5. Restart Security Center Service

As detailed in this and this string, restarting Security Center administration can help in tackling the issue. To restart Security Center administration, take after these means Follow the simple steps given down so that the restart happens for the security center service.

  •  Press Windows key + R. This will open Run. On the other hand, you can go to Start and look for ‘Run’.
  •  In Run exchange box, sort “services.msc” and hit enter.
  •  In Services, look for ‘Security Center’.
  •  Right tap on ‘Security Center’ and tap on ‘Restart’….

6. Windows Defender , Group Policy

NOTE : You should continue with this progression simply in the wake of attempting every one of the means said above.

In the event that you are confronting a error like “This application is killed by Group Policy” at that point Windows Defender group policy  can be physically empowered by means of registry. Windows Defender is incapacitated by Windows in the event that it distinguishes nearness of another antivirus. In this way, before empowering it physically, it must be guaranteed that there are no clashing virtual products and framework is not tainted. To empower Windows Defender physically, take after these means:

  •  Press Windows key + R. This will open Run. Then again, you can go to Start and look for ‘Run’.
  •  In Run dialogue box, sort “regedit” and select enter. This will open Registry Editor.
  • In registry editor try and locate for Microsoft windows defender.
  • Once you have located that, look for enter names Disable anti spyware, Then change its value to 0 . if by chance you do not find key then add it for doing so you will have to right click on the window defender key  and go to new and then go to Dword.
  • Give the Dword name “disable Anti Spyware” and enter its value as 0.
  •  Your procedure is now complete to fix the window defender.
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