Adobe Photoshop is one of the best top-notch products developed by the Adobe Inc. Adobe Photoshop is well known for their best in class features that make it more preferable among the billions of users across the globe. It’s very easy to use Adobe Photoshop on various versions of Windows but lots of users don’t know how to use on their Windows 7 or 10. In this article you will learn how to download Photoshop in Windows 7 within simple quick steps that are given below:

How To Free Download Photoshop In Windows 7 ?

  • ·       If you are using the Windows 7 professional or ultimate, then you need to set up a virtual Machine in your computer. You can download Windows Virtual PC software from the official website of Microsoft.
  • ·       Choose the version of Virtual PC between 32 or 62 bit.
  • ·       Now Run the Virtual PC software in your Windows 7 computer and then accept the license agreement to begin the installation process or Virtual PC.
  • ·       Once the Virtual Windows XP is installed, you can easily install the copy of Photoshop. For this, you need to insert the CD or installation file on Virtual Window XP.
  • ·        Close the Windows XP mode after installation is completed.
  • ·       Now you need to run the program. For this, go to the Start menu and then choose Windows virtual PC.

·       Now open the Windows XP Mode Applications folder and then choose Photoshop from the list of folder.

How To Download Photoshop For Windows 10 ?

Do you wish to download Photoshop for your Windows 10 computer? Then you can easily do that by yourself after applying the below steps:

  • ·       First of all, go to the official website of Adobe and then sign in to your Adobe account.
  • ·       Now click on the Download tab under the Creative Cloud apps catalog section which app you want to                      download.
  • ·       Now your app will begin to download and then double click on the Setup.exe file which is available on your          desktop.
  • ·       After that, an installer window will open and then sign in to your Adobe account. If you are already signed              in, then you don’t need to sign in again.
  • ·       Now type out some questionnaire and then click on the Continue.
  • ·       Now click on Start Installing tab to complete the procedure of installation.
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