Windows Drive Partition

Have you recently installed the hard drive in windows? Partition of the windows drive is the first major steps to distribute the spaces on the drive. It is very important before storing the data. If you are formatting your device for the first time then it can be really tough for you. Given below are the steps that will help in partitioning the hard drive.

Here are the steps for Windows Drive partition –

  • Step 1: ‘Disk Management’ is the tool that is included in all versions of Windows that lets the partition drives. Open the ‘Disk Management’ tool. Start the disk management with ‘Power User Menu’. Also, it can be started via command-line in different version of Windows.
  • Step 2: Now as the Disk Management opens, ‘Initialize Disk’ window will appear. The message will be displayed as ‘You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it’. In Windows XP, it appears as ‘Initialize an Convent Disk Wizard’.
  • Step 3: Choose a partition style for the new hard drive. If the new hard drive is 2 TB or larger, choose ‘GPT’(Globally Unique Identifier). Is it smaller than 2 TB? Then choose ‘MBR’. Click ‘OK’ after the selection.
  • Step 4: From the drive map at the bottom of the Disk Management window, locate the hard drive. To see all the drives at the bottom maximize ‘Disk Management or Computer Management’. The drive might have been installed correctly, if you don’t see the drive you want to partition. Check if the windows hard drive is installed correctly after turning off the computer.
  • Step 5: Right-click anywhere on the space that you have found and select ‘New Simple Volume’. The option is called ‘New Partition’ in Windows XP.
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Next’ on the ‘New Simple Volume Wizard’ that appears. On the Specify Volume Size, tap ‘Next’ to confirm the size that is being created.
  • Step 7: Now on the ‘Assign Drive Letter or Path’ click ‘Next’. On the ‘Format Partition Step’ choose ‘Do not format this volume’. Click ‘Next’ to move forward.
  • Step 8: On ‘Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard’ screen, verify the choices as ‘Volume Type: Simple Volume’; ‘Disk Selected: Disk 1’; ‘Volume Size: 10206 MB’; ‘Drive letter or path: D:’ ‘File System: None’ and ‘Allocation unit size: Default’.
  • Step 9: Finally tap on ‘Finish’ and the partition drive will take few seconds on the PC.

In case the steps are not helpful or the user is not able to partition the hard drive properly, then contact the support team for help. Support experts will provide remote steps to partition the windows hard drive on the PC.

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