Microsoft Outlook better known as simple outlook is an email based service provided by Microsoft which in intended for communication via email for both individuals and business. It is one of the mostly used email service around the world with most of the businesses using outlook as an official tool for email communication. When compared to all other email services, Outlook comes packed with a bundle of security features along with additional features consisting of calendaring services, web based meeting handling, tasks scheduling etc. All these features contribute to its popularity among businesses for using outlook as their official medium of email communication.
The latest version of Microsoft outlook which is available in the market is outlook 2016 which can be easily set up.
Mentioned below are the steps to set up Microsoft Outlook 2016 :

Initial Steps To Setup Outlook 2016

Step 1 First you need to make sure that you have an office address. If you are not registered with office 365 by Microsoft, then you need to register first and then process. Once you have registered your Microsoft office you can then set up outlook 2016 on it.
Step 2 Goo to the Start Menu and then click on Control Panel
Step 3 Click on the option of User Accounts and then click on Mail
Step 4 Go to show profiles and select Add. Here you need to enter your outlook name profile. You can select a new profile name from the drop-down menu and then click OK.
Step 5 Next you need to go to the Auto Account Setup page where you need to enter some details regarding your complete name and your email address. Also, you must mention your password for that mail and need to confirm it. Then click on Next and your outlook 2016 will be set up with Microsoft office.

Manual Steps To Setup Outlook 2016

Step 1 First you need to select your email service provider. Let’s say your email service provider is Then you can add the following IMAP and POP settings to your computer to set up outlook 2016 manually.
Step 2 Enter the IMAP incoming server as and IMAP port as 993.
Step 3 Select IMAP encryption as TLS
These settings will manually set up incoming emails in outlook 2016.
For outgoing email. Enter the following details:
1) Enter Simple Mail transfer protocol (SMTP) as
2) Enter the information of SMTP port as 587
3) Select SMTP encryption as STARTTLS and POP incoming server as
4) Click on TLS in SSL and TLS and enter POP port as 995
Now your outlook 2016 will be manually set up for both incoming and outgoing of emails. In case of any queries, you can always get in touch with our toll free number.
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