If you have a Windows 7 OS on your PC/Laptop, then we want to let you know that you should update it as early as possible in further new features updates of windows 7.

Now, you would be wondering about what are the steps for updating it?

We want to let you know that if you are not aware of the steps for accomplishing this task or if the automatic procedure for up-gradation isn’t working for you, then we are presenting the steps for the manual update of windows 7 OS in your PC and here they are:

  • Firstly, after pressing the START BUTTON, the users have to go to the CONTROL PANEL and there, they have to click on the option named as SYSTEM AND SECURITY.
  • After that, they have to click on the Pop Up frame named as WINDOWS UPDATE , and choose the option one either important updates or optional updates.
  • Then, under that window, You have to click on the link named as IMPORTANT UPDATES ARE AVAILABLE (Recommended).
  • After clicking on that, the system will display all the updates and from there, they have to note down the update number for their Windows 7 OS and then enter the same number in the search box example : 2313151 of DOWNLOAD CENTER link and then should click on the GO button.
  • In ┬áthe final step, they will see the link to download the updated OS and after clicking on that, they have to click on the DOWNLOAD button and then on the OPEN button to run the installation process and then should complete all the on-screen instructions.
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