Fix The Problem Of Your iPhone Doesn’t Connect On Windows 10

If you have an iPhone then we know why you are here. Don’t get surprised by reading the previous statement since in this article, we provide you the best solutions for the problem which arises when the users complain that their iphone not showing up in itunes windows 10. The only thing which you have to do is to follow all the steps by firstly reading them carefully and then implementing them one by one. So, here goes those steps to help all the users
  • The first step is to connect your iPhone with the Windows 10 PC.
  • After that, a dialog will appear which will ask every user to trust the PC with which they have connected their iPhone. Every user has to click on the TRUST button on that dialog.
  • The next step is to install every single update left alone in the Windows PC. Along with that the users also have to make sure that there is no problem associated with their USB Cable.
  • Now, it’s the time to install the latest version of iTunes on the Windows PC.
  • Along with that, the users should check if the iTunes already exists in their PC. If it does exist, then the users should uninstall it and then reinstall the latest version of iTunes.
  • Moreover, it is also considered a mandatory step to check if the latest version of the iPhone driver is present on the PC or not. If it’s not present, then install it right now. The users will recognize a yellow exclamatory mark which is located next to the iPhone, if the driver is not updated.
  • Now, the users have to enable the Apple mobile device USB driver windows 10. The users can do that by navigating to their Control Panel firstly and then clicking on the button named as Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  • After that, they have to right click on the Apple USB Driver and then tap the Enable button.
  • The next method is to uninstall the Apple Device Support Service on the Windows 10 PC and then reinstalling it and starting it again.
  • In the next step of this procedure, the users should try to firstly uninstall and then reinstall the Apple USB Driver by using the same steps as mentioned above.
  • The final step of this procedure is to unplug your iPhone from the Windows 10 PC and then you will observe that the problem which you were facing before has been disappeared.
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