iTunes is one application having multiple usage. It is a media player, it has a huge music library, it is an internet radio broadcaster and it is also used for the device management many times. This amazing application is developed by Apple and so used in Apple devices. Though it can be installed with Windows 7 and earlier versions. Apple devices like ipad , iphone, ipod etc can be connected and configured with the playlist by connecting them with the itunes. Also, one Apple account can be used to access itunes internet library so user can use that account for purchasing the online videos or audio files. iTunes is having more advanced features then any media player and thus here it is discussed, how one can download and install itunes for windows 10.

Check out the steps to download iTunes in windows 7 :

  1. Check out that the browser is the latest one. The browsing speed should be fast and consistent.
  2. Now open the browser and open the web site
  3. Go to downloads and then look for iTunes.
  4. Click to download. 
  5. Save the .exe file.
  6. Now click on the exe file to install the application.
  7. Accept the terms and conditions and other permissions required.
  8. Check the check boxes which are essential during the installation process.
  9. Wait till the installation finishes. It may take few minutes.
  10. Click on the button Finish , when the installation finishes.
  11. Open the itunes application.
  12. Provide the apple id.
  13. Then enter the password and retype it to confirm.
  14. Then select three security questions and provide a suitable answer for each. The answers are case sensitive.
  15.  Now provide the date of birth.
  16. Finally select the payment option.
  17. Type your card number if you want that to be saved by the application. User can skip this if he don’t want to save the card number.
  18. User can also set the computer or the laptop as authorized if he wish to do so.
  19. Open ITunes.
  20. Click on the tab account.
  21. Further click on authorizations and select the option , “Authorize this computer”.
  22. User can any time deauthorized it too.
Now after setting up the account, user can create his own library in the itunes from the computer as well as he can purchase over internet. This itunes account can also be used as icloud for windows 10 with same user id and password. For any technical problem, user should contact at the Apple customer service or Windows toll free number, Windows Customer Service, Windows Helpline Number etc, through phone or email.
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