Relevant Steps To Turn Cortana Off In Windows 10 ?

The arrival of Cortana is one of the biggest features in Windows 10. ‘Cortana’ is the world’s first digital assistant that is helping the user in different tasks. It needs to understand carefully and minutely for the efficient use of the feature. Simply say ‘Hey, Cortana’ and get answers to questions like weather forecast, web searches, find something on the PC, and set reminders. One of its attractive feature is that Cortana is believed to tell jokes when the user requires it.

There are privacy issues with the Cortana as it need to collect various pieces of information and personal data for the assistance. Some of the details collected by the digital assistant include contact details, calendars, location, internet history, speech, typing, and more. It is great tool but many users have their complaints with the privacy of Cortana. Windows 10 user can stop personal gathering of the data by turning off Cortana.

Here are the steps to turn Cortana off in Windows 10 :–

  • From the search box on the taskbar, open ‘regedit’. If it asks anything then allow the program to make changes to the PC.
  • Now go to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Search’.
  • Right click on the Windows folder and choose ‘New’. Next, select ‘Key’.
  • Right click on ‘Windows Search’ and choose ‘New’. Next select ‘DWORD (32-bit value)’.
  • Name the DWORD ‘AllowCortana’. Make sure that the value is ‘0’ clicking on it.
  • Now restart the computer or log out and log in. Cortana will be replaced with a regular search bar.

Windows 10 user might find program running in the background. While trying to kill the program, Cortana will keep popping back up like a weed. It is also possible that when you update the Windows next time, it will restore the Cortana in its place on the Windows. Facing problem to uninstall Cortana Windows 10? Contact the technical experts for the best assistance and help.

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