Simple tools that could help in the recovery of windows password 

If you are using any of the windows device and you feel that you have completely forgot the password then you need not panic at that situation since you can easily reset the password for your windows device & windows administrator password. Either you can follow the conventional method of changing the password for your account or you can go for using the various tools that are provided to the users to change it. The conventional method of doing so involves the below steps:-

  • You have to go to the official support site of the windows.

  • And there you have to go for the password reset page.

  • As you proceed to that page you can easily type a new password for your account once you enter the mentioned email address.

  • So you have to type a completely new password for yourself and then click on the save button and you are done.

In case you feel that you do not want to use this process then you can for sure choose some other methods or even the company provide you the easy tools by which you can easily change the password easily. So the tools that you can use for this purpose is as follows:-

  • Ophcrack– this is one of the tool that is said to be one of the best password recovery tool so far. The specialty with this tool is that with the help of this you need not have to had the access to the windows in order to recover your lost password. Instead you have to simply visit the site from some other site and then download the free ISO image followed by burning it to a cd or even the flash drive and then at the end you have to simply reboot it. By doing so the software will automatically detect the user account and then it would provide the way to recover the password.

  • Offline NT password and Registry Editor– This is some different tool since it basically erases your windows password instead of recovering it, so it basically works as the reset tool. So here you can simply burn the CD and then log in to your windows account and you do not need to enter the password for it.

  • Kon Boot– Here also you just need to burn the program to the CD or the disk and you are offline. So if you find that other tools are a bit tough to use then you can simply give this tool a try you will definitely love it.

  • Cain and Abel– this is one of the fast free as well as effective recovery tool for windows. But this is a bit different in a way that you can not use it without getting the access to the windows. So you first of all have to create the account in the administration name then only you can use it.

So these are some of the windows password reset tools that are highly useful for the users who get in to trouble since they have lost their password. So user can simply try these tools out to recover the password in no time and that too without making much efforts. 

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