How to fix “Windows update service not working” issue ?

Whenever any new update arises in your Windows OS then there is an automatic pop up showing you with the list of updates. If you click on it then updates start to perform on your system. Once it is updated you will have to restart your system in order to ensure that all the system updates are executed in an effective manner. But from the recent times you may have observed that these things stopped to happen. This kind of issue generally arises because of corrupted files and/or data stores in the Windows Software Distribution folder and can be fixed by clearing and rebuilding the files. Users need to have the admin rights to fix the issue. In case users are not authorized for it then they can seek immediate assistance from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians and get their issue resolved from them on an instant basis. Users have their admin rights need not worry at all and instead follow the below mentioned step by step procedure and get their Windows update service missing issue resolved in instant manner.

Steps to fix windows update service not working issue:

Step 1: Users can firstly click on the Start button and there they can type in services.msc and then hit on the Enter button.

Step 2: Users can then choose and right click on Stop from the Windows update list and then they can open Windows Explorer and from there they can navigate to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution.

Step 3: Once done then users can next delete each and every file from inside the folder and then reboot the computer again.

Step 4: Once done then users can again try running their Windows update and if the issue still happens then they can continue with further steps which is as mentioned down below.

Step 5: Users can again start with following the above mentioned 2 steps as they had done it previously.

Step 6: Users can now click on start and enter and hit on CMD and again right click and choose Run as administrator.

Step 7: Users will next need to type in the setup of commands for which direct consultation can be offered from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians and once done then reboot the computer to get the task done in an effective manner.

Users who are getting stuck in the middle can also seek immediate advice from the immensely qualified and skilled technicians and get one stop solution for the underlying issue and error at any point of time without any sort of hesitation for the Windows update service missing issue. If still any hassle to do this, just go on to our expertise team with the words of windows toll free number,windows service helpline, windows customer service helpline etc.

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