To transfer a wordpress site to another wordpress account on windows

WordPress is one of the best sites that allows to design and writer the blogs, articles, press release and much more. This is a website that offers the exact platform in order to publish the content for any special products in the organization and thus most of the businessmen always keep on the track of their business with the great focus and attention. WordPress can be used by many users due to its user-friendly service and can change the settings of WordPress website to make the tasks pretty easier.

Thereby, if you have decided to transfer a WordPress site to another WordPress account then this could be genuinely amazing how to Transfer WordPress Users from One WordPress Site to Another WordPress account by using the appropriate steps. This is the process might be called as import and export service that is possible by the users.

Follow the below steps to transfer a WordPress site to another WordPress account:

  • First of all, open your device and then launch an internet browser and then go to the WordPress website.
  • You can log into cPanel and then go to the database section, click the phpMyAdmin icon.
  • Now you can select the database option from the left navigation menu and you click on the export option.
  • Select the custom radio button and then go for the additional option showing on the right side of the page.
  • Now check the box for add drop table statement and even need to add create procedure/ function/ event statement.
  • Click on Go button and then hit the save button for the local computer that is required in using later on.
  • When you need to import the WordPress site from another WordPress account then you need click on the home button.
  • Go to the navigation menu and then select the database you have completed the tasks for.
  • Click on the import button and then enter the description and then hit the next button.
  • Go to the file import option and then click the browse button to select the files you have downloaded and now want to choose by that.
  • Having selected the files from the previous WordPress site you can click on the OK button.
  • And then press Go button and check the message on the new WordPress site after completing the procedure at the end of the procedure.

If you got the message which means you succeeded. However, if there is still any chances of the issue then one can make a simple connection with the best tech support executives of windows who always deal with the numerous issues of regarding wordpress related queries and they assign for the best outcome wordpress customer support , wordpress customer service, wordpress toll free number, wordpress contact number etc, within a short span of the time.

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